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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Bush Statement (part 1)

He walks forward with his head high and great pride to meet his public. An orchestra of applause covers the small room as he reaches to stand in his pedestal. Both Democrat and Republican alike give their respect for the current President. He greets his people and all eyes are upon him. From the USA to Iran, the world watches as he gives his State of the Union speech.
The president seems to have figured this out, as with all nation leaders. You must show your confidence in yourself and be one with the people, in order to get their approval. It is true that Bush sounds confident enough in what he says and he does have a sure plan to solve all our problems. But we must ask ourself, is this the right course of action to take? As we all know, we the people dont have a say anymore. What was said from us was with the people we choose to represent us. We must wait for out turn to talk in the November elections.
He begins his speech with the War on Terror, he stats that we have a choice "We can go forward with confidence and resolve- or we can turn back to the dangerous illusion that terrorists are not plotting and outlaw regimes are no threat to us". It is true, we cannot just turn around because there is going to be a plot against us. It was our fault in spreading our war from fighting Osama bin laden, to fighting Iraq. Attack could have been avoided if the United States had paid more attention to the threat. But we did not, and we paid big for that in Sept. 11. But being attacked from Alcaida wouldn't it just be the US against Alcaida? The motivation to move the war from a few radicals to a Nation of Iraq, was a huge mistake from the US. They assumed most of the way there. By spreading assumptions like weapons of mass destructions he and his party blinded us to believe everything they say. How are we the common people suppose to know the truth? We couldn't just questioned the CIA.
"And by our will and courage, this danger will be defeated." First of all it takes money and a damn good reason for us to win this war. And lets get one thing straight we are not fighting a Nation anymore we are fighting a worldwide organization. Terrorism. See he believes that going to every country that poses a danger we will win every time. I will give him that the US does have the best military in the world. But its not enough to fight the world, which is what he wants to do. He wants to promote democracy around the world. But you cant do that by force, because it takes the people of each nation to decide how they want their country to be ruled. If they want a dictatorship it doesn't matter how long the US stays its going to go to the will of the people. We shall not win this war against terror because terror has always existed, and if anything he is fueling the terrorist groups. Looking back in the Clinton years; in what i like to call the peaceful years. We did not have as many terrorist groups as we have now and the cause for that is because of our interventions with other countries. In Bush term of office we have made more enemies now than ever. Not only are we talking about Iraq, Iran and middle eastern countries. We are talking about nations like Spain, U.K, Italy and other European nations. Our own allies are not with us anymore.
In his State of the Union speech concerning Iraq he states "Had we failed to act, the dictator's weapons of mass destruction programs would continue to this day". Well i have a bit of news Bush; every country is most likely building some kind of weapon. Like the US they are trying to find weapons to protect them selfs against an attack. Granted some are building weapons to directly attack another nation, but thats beside the point. The point is that you cant stop a country from building their weapons because they are like any other country. Bush should have worked more with the UN to stop them from continuing building arms. But he didn't he ignored the UN and made them obsolete for world peace. He weakened the UN's power. If he would have taken steps to support the UN in investigating Iraq. This war would have been avoided, mainly because there wasn't any weapons of mass destructions. By bypassing the UN he set an example to other nations to not even take the UN seriously. World peace is no more with the reign of the Bush administration.
His dictatorship in the world will be our demise if we the people don't do anything about it. We as Americans should stop him in order to keep OUR freedom. With the Patriot Act and some other laws that weaken our privacy we must stand up to the bureaucrats and not let them get away with unjustified laws. The November elections is our turn to speak and say how we want our Nation to be run. Lets make the Bush administration a "lame duck" term. Lets not give him the opportunity to cause more trouble than what he already has.


Script of Bush's State of the Union was taken from csmonitor.com, opinions are mine and mine alone.

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